Android Unlock with Google Account or Backup PIN

You can also Unlock any Android mobile with Google account. You must add your Google account to your phone to unlock with this method.



Android Unlock with Google Account

  • Turn On your mobile.
  • After the number of unsuccessful attempts on your mobile to unlock the device.
  • Next, you will see the Forgot pattern option.

  • Tap on the Forgot pattern option.
  • Now you should be able to enter a backup PIN or your Google account login.

Mobile unlock Google backup pin

  • Afterward, Enter either your backup PIN or your Google login.
  • Finally, Your phone should now be unlocked.



18 thoughts on “Android Unlock with Google Account or Backup PIN

  1. Forgot unlock pattern for Nokia 5.1 Plus and the phone does not have option for “Forgotten Password” what can I do? I dont want to lose my data.

  2. I got email and password for lg joy android screen password reset .Typed both in but states the email or password is wrong ! does not work

  3. hello has anyone of you unlocked your phone in any other wayyy besides having to reset data on device? pls help. my phone also doesn’t have forgot password option

  4. I have a LG Velvet, I forgot my pattern password and I tried several times to unlock, but now My phone is in Airplane mode, I don’t receive calls, or texts.

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