Unlock Allview Mobiles – List

Here you can easily Unlock Allview Android mobile if you forgot your password or pattern lock or PIN. Read all methods one by one to unlock your Allview phone.


Some unlock methods may erase all your mobile data like contacts, media files and apps etc.



Allview Unlock by Hard Reset

This hard reset method deletes all your mobile data. You won’t recover it after reset. You can also speed up your mobile with this method.

Check out following link for Hard Reset methods.




Allview Unlock with Google Find My Device

You can Easily unlock your mobile with Android Device Manager or Google Find My Device. This method also erases all your mobile data.

You can also find your Android device location with this option. Follow below link for more details.




Allview Unlock with Google Security Questions

This methods only work on some models. If you see google security questions on your locked screen, Use this method to unlock your Allview Mobile.

Click the below link for more details.




Unlock Allview with Android Multi Tools

With Android Tools and Drivers, You can unlock your mobile, Reset Gmail, Remove Pattern lock and Remove PIN etc.

This method will not erase your mobile data.


If you select wipe data option, Data will be erased. Check out below link for more details.




Allview Unlock with Google Account

You can unlock your Allview mobile with Google or Gmail Account. You can use Gmail Username and password to unlock your mobile.

Check out below link.




Unlock with Android Data Recovery Tool

You can unlock your Allview Android mobile with Android Data Recovery tool. You can also recover your lost android data.




Allview Factory Reset

This is not a mobile unlock method. If you know your mobile password, You can use this method.




All Allview Mobile Models

  1. Allview Viva 1003G Lite
  2. Allview Viva 1003G
  3. Allview Viva Home
  4. Allview Viva C703
  5. Allview M11 Luna
  6. Allview D2 Senior
  7. Allview V4 Viper
  8. Allview A10 Max
  9. Allview V1 Viper S4G
  10. Allview Soul X6 Mini
  11. Allview Soul X6 Xtreme
  12. Allview P10 Pro
  13. Allview P10 Max
  14. Allview P10 Mini
  15. Allview P10 Life
  16. Allview A10 Lite 2019
  17. Allview A10 Plus
  18. Allview Soul X5 Style
  19. Allview Soul X5 Mini
  20. Allview P10 Style
  21. Allview X5 Soul
  22. Allview Soul X5 Pro
  23. Allview X4 Soul Infinity Plus
  24. Allview X4 Soul Infinity L
  25. Allview X4 Soul Infinity S
  26. Allview X4 Soul Infinity Z
  27. Allview X4 Soul Infinity N
  28. Allview X4 Soul Vision
  29. Allview V3 Viper
  30. Allview X4 Xtreme
  31. Allview X4 Soul Lite
  32. Allview X4 Soul Mini S
  33. Allview X4 Soul Mini
  34. Allview P6 Energy Mini
  35. Allview X4 Soul Style
  36. Allview X4 Soul
  37. Allview V2 Viper Xe
  38. Allview V2 Viper S
  39. Allview P9 Energy mini
  40. Allview P9 Energy Lite
  41. Allview P9 Energy
  42. Allview P7 Pro
  43. Allview X3 Soul Style
  44. Allview X3 Soul Plus
  45. Allview X3 Soul Lite
  46. Allview P6 Energy Lite
  47. Allview AX501Q
  48. Allview Viva H1001 LTE
  49. Allview V2 Viper i4G
  50. Allview V2 Viper e
  51. Allview
  52. Allview P6 Lite
  53. Allview X3 Soul mini
  54. Allview P8 Energy Pro
  55. Allview P6 eMagic
  56. Allview P5 eMagic
  57. Allview P4 eMagic
  58. Allview X3 Soul
  59. Allview X2 Soul Style + Platinum
  60. Allview X2 Soul Style
  61. Allview X2 Soul Lite
  62. Allview V2 Viper X+
  63. Allview V2 Viper X
  64. Allview V2 Viper
  65. Allview V2 Viper i
  66. Allview P8 Energy mini
  67. Allview AX4 Nano Plus
  68. Allview Viva C701
  69. Allview P6 Pro
  70. Allview P5 Pro
  71. Allview P8 Energy
  72. Allview P5 Energy
  73. Allview E4
  74. Allview E4 Lite
  75. Allview E3 Living
  76. Allview A5 Easy
  77. Allview E2 Jump
  78. Allview E3 Sign
  79. Allview P4 Life
  80. Allview P5 Life
  81. Allview P6 Energy
  82. Allview Viper E
  83. Allview Viper L
  84. Allview V1 Viper i4G
  85. Allview V1 Viper S4G
  86. Allview X2 Soul Pro
  87. Allview W1i
  88. Allview W1s
  89. Allview X2 Xtreme
  90. Allview P6 Life
  91. Allview C5 Smiley
  92. Allview C6 Quad 4G
  93. Allview E2 Living
  94. Allview Twin X2
  95. Allview P7 Seon
  96. Allview X1 Xtreme Mini
  97. Allview X2 Soul Mini
  98. Allview Impera M
  99. Allview Impera S
  100. Allview Impera i
  101. Allview A6 Quad
  102. Allview X2 Soul
  103. Allview P7 Xtreme
  104. Allview X1 Xtreme
  105. Allview V1 Viper S
  106. Allview Viva i10G
  107. Allview Viva H10 HD
  108. Allview Viva H10 LTE
  109. Allview Viva H8 LTE
  110. Allview Viva H7S
  111. Allview Viva H7 LTE
  112. Allview Viva D8
  113. Allview AX4 Nano
  114. Allview AX3 Party
  115. Allview Viva i8
  116. Allview Viva Q7 Life
  117. Allview 3 Speed Quad HD
  118. Allview City Life
  119. Allview 2 Speed Quad
  120. Allview City+
  121. Allview Viva H8
  122. Allview Viva Q8
  123. Allview P6 Quad Plus
  124. Allview A5 Quad
  125. Allview P5 Symbol
  126. Allview X1 Soul Mini
  127. Allview X1 Soul
  128. Allview A4 Duo
  129. Allview A5 Duo
  130. Allview H2 Qubo
  131. Allview Viper i V1
  132. Allview Viper V1
  133. Allview P5 Qmax
  134. Allview Wi901N
  135. Allview Wi1001N
  136. Allview Simply S5
  137. Allview S6 Style
  138. Allview M9 Luna
  139. Allview M9 Jump
  140. Allview M9 Join
  141. Allview M8 Join
  142. Allview M7 Start
  143. Allview M7 Stark
  144. Allview M6 Stark
  145. Allview L6
  146. Allview L5 Lite
  147. Allview L5 Easy
  148. Allview L4 Class
  149. Allview H3 Join




Unlock Allview Mobiles – List

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